Our policies and rules

Making an appointment
To schedule an appointment please call the reception desk and have your personal ID ready. Inform the registration staff if there are changes in name, address, phone number or insurance. Please make sure that our Estonian-speaking personell understands you during the phone call!

Routine physical examinations as well as chronic medical problems and follow-up care should be scheduled in advance. If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify the office at least 24 hours before the appointment time to re-schedule and to allow other patients to use the time.

Please be on time for your appointment!
Prioritize your concerns – unfortunately, not all issues can be fully addressed in one visit. We will arrange follow-up visits for you if necessary. Bring current medications to each visit. Please bring all medications you take to each appointment, or bring a list of their names, doses and how often you take them.

Sick leave policy
In case you need a sick leave please call on the first day you are absent from work, to report the illness and schedule doctor’s appointment for the next day. If it is not possible to book appointment with the doctor, you will be asked to see our nurse. The sick leave is opened on the day you make a call, earlier dates cannot be included. The follow-up appointment will be required to collect the medical evidence of the incapacity to work. If you miss a scheduled first appointment, the sick leave certificate cannot be issued. In case of the missed follow-up calls or visits the non-compliance with the policy will be recorded on the sick leave certificate. The sick leave will be closed on the date of the last planned contact.

Please bring your health insurance card with you for every visit. For physical examinations according to preventive care guidelines you need to have insurance in Estonian Health Insurance Fund. European health insurance card covers only the currently necessary health care! If you are insured in a private insurance company, you have to pay for the health care. For reimbursement, present the paid bills, documents of payment and doctor’s explanation form to your insurance company.
For detais please check https://www.haigekassa.ee/eng.

Telephone assistance
Telephone calls should be for brief and routine medical questions only. For more complicated or chronic medical problems, please make an office appointment.
Medication refills can be telephoned directly to your nurse. For calling back please provide us a local number.

Referral to specialists
For most medical problems you should see your family physician first. If the problem requires treatment from a specialist, your primary care provider will make the referral.

Customers who have not registered to Family DR`s list or do not own Estonian Health Insurance:
Customers who have not registered to Family DR list, may order Covid tests (SARS- COV2 test) calling 1220.
The appointment fee accordingly to the price list have to be payed, if customers are not registered to family DR`s list or do not own Estonian Health Insurance.

In case of serious emergencies please call 112 or go directly to an emergency room in any major hospital.

Registration phone numbers or nurse:

  • 610 0580

NB! You can also register to appointments or order medicines via e-perearstikeskus (mobile version in English and Russian) and by email: info@pealinnaperearst.ee

Information on how our health care centre operates

Please make an appointment to see a family doctor or family nurse by calling reception on +372 610 0580. Separate appointments must be made for each member of a family. We endeavour to provide an on-time service for patients who have made an appointment.

If you are unable to come or will be late for your appointment, please inform us as soon as possible.

If you should fall ill, please inform your family nurse immediately to agree on further action. Call an ambulance if you experience an acute condition (respiratory distress, acute pain, etc.).

On the first day of illness, the family nurse will advise you over the phone to assess your health status, give recommendations for home treatment and arrange a suitable appointment time to see the family doctor. If necessary, the nurse will ask for your phone number and the doctor will call you back. Please be patient when making your call.

Blood is taken from 8:00-15:00.

Call your family nurse to have a repeat prescription extended or submit an online request for recurring prescription electronically – https://eretsept.ee (only in Ülemiste health center). Prescriptions are extended within three working days.

Appointments last for approx. 20 minutes, so please arrive on time.

Appointments for healthy babies are generally made for Wednesdays.

If you need information outside of opening hours or on public holidays, call:

1220 – family doctor helpline; 24-hour assistance available in Estonian and Russian.

1599 – paid Children’s Hospital helpline; available every day from 8:00-00:00.

The patient must pay for any examinations and analyses performed without a medical reason, i.e. at the request of the patient, according to the price list of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

The cost of vaccination (outside the national immunisation schedule) depends on the price of the vaccine. Click here to view vaccine prices.

Registering as a patient

In order to register as a patient with one of our family doctors, fill in and submit an application (signing it digitally), visit your family nurse at our family medicine centre or post it to Pealinna Perearstid OÜ, Ülemiste Tervisemaja, Valukoja 7, Tallinn 11415. Please bring an identity document with you if you wish to fill the application in on site.

The application can be e-mailed (digitally signed) to info@pealinnaperearst.ee. The application form can be found here – family doctor registration. If you submit your application electronically, make sure to save it to your computer first, then add the required information and re-save it. Applications must be digitally signed for electronic submission.

House calls

The family doctor decides whether house calls are necessary on a case-by-case basis. Always try to come to the family health centre, as the examinations and analyses performed here ensure quality treatment.

Emergency help

Family doctor helpline 1220 (or +372 630 4107 if calling from abroad)

Ambulance 112

ER at North Estonia Medical Centre (J. Sütiste tee 19)

ER at East Tallinn Central Hospital (Ravi 18)

Reception at Tallinn Children’s Hospital (Tervise 28)

ER at West Tallinn Central Hospital

Acute illness and/or trauma to face and jaw area:

Tallinna Hambapolikliinik (Toompuiestee 4)

Emergency help for eye problems:

ER at East Tallinn Central Hospital (Ravi 18); Magdaleena Unit on working days (Pärnu mnt 104)

Institutions specialising in health care issues:

Estonian Health Insurance Fund (helpline 1636); Harju department of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund (helpline 603 3630)

Health Board Supervision Department (telephone 694 3748)

Estonian Patient Advocacy Association (telephone 656 6429)

Health Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs (telephone 626 9127)



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